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The campus is the think tank of concept m. Here you can take a look at our international research studies, gain guidance on trend topics, see our publications and case studies and get access to latest news.

concept m global – welcome to the middle east!

Concept m has recently added the middle east region to its growing global expertise and depth of local market insight. We’d like to share with you some observations and cultural insights from recent in-depth psychological [...]

Opel – the eternal Cinderella

Great brands are always great characters as well. Just as you might have a distant uncle in the family who made it big time and then sadly crashed and burned, you can see this in [...]

Further strengthening of the quantitative unit at concept m

Another prominent researcher joined the quantitative unit of concept m research + consulting on 15 January 2017. Dr Martin Schultze is moving to concept m from the Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf, where he had been [...]

Things are busy on the eastern front– why e-commerce is developing so fast in China

We shop online primarily on familiar platforms like Amazon or eBay. But what path will online shopping take outside Europe and the USA? Dirk Ziems and Sami Wong looked at the development of e-commerce in [...]

Animal welfare initiatives and ambivalent meat eaters

At the “Green Week” in Berlin the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection presented the initiative: “Minding animals – a new way to improve animal welfare”. This initiative is committed to improving the [...]

To the hairdresser by app? – concept m study on wellness service portals

Apps are steadily increasing their role in our lives – a concept m-initiative study on the potential for new beauty and wellness platforms shows great opportunities in the wellness and beauty sector as well. The [...]

Virtual Reality and Wearables – close to the consumer

A depth psychological study by concept m and Initiative Media analyses for the first time success factors for using smartwatches and VR in brand communication. As media channels directly attached to the users, wearables have [...]

Further growth of the concept m team

From 1st September 2016 our team of psychological research consultants will expand by five new colleagues at once: Julia Reinecke, Dominique Simon, Kira Zoschke and Stefan Piehl will join the […]