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Market research

We understand qualitative and quantitative research, as well as the marketing consulting based on it, holistically. In our projects, our clients benefit from our know-how in precisely linking qualitative analyses with quantitative measurement methods and providing particularly targeted advice on this basis.

Qualitative research methods

Based on morphological market psychology, our qualitative research identifies the decisive unconscious motives for product use, purchase decisions and brand experience. The result: a sound understanding of your market, your customers and your brands.

Quantitative market research

In order to make good marketing decisions, reliable figures are essential.
concept m's quantitative research provides precisely this data - we measure what is relevant.
Our research is based on the secure foundation of our psychological expertise and delivers exactly those emotional and subconscious factors that are decisive for the respective issue.

Qualitative research methods

Implementing what's relevant: Market research is a fundamental basis, but insights alone won't get you anywhere. Companies that know how to fully exploit the action potential of these insights have a head start.
concept m's morphological consulting acts at the interface of research and practice, supporting your company in all phases from the initiation of marketing processes to the implementation of strategies.

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