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Understanding Consumers
– Driving Markets

We are an international company of psychological market researchers and marketing experts with a passion for investigating the everyday lives of consumers and developing successful strategies for your brands and products.

Our goal is to use what we learn from consumers to leverage your strengths in the market and flow seamlessly into your corporate processes.

We can do this because our research and consulting is rooted in morphological market psychology, an approach that allows us to identify and successfully harness hidden, unconscious consumer motives.

Our integrated approach takes a holistic view of qualitative and quantitative research and marketing consulting. Our clients profit from our knowhow in linking qualitative analysis with quantitative measurement to deliver precisely focused consulting.

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The concept m team is delighted that our new integrative VR design test method has been nominated for the German Market Research BVM Innovation Prize. more >

Opel, Aschenputtel, Auto, Cinderella

Great brands are always great characters as well. Just as you might have a distant uncle in the family who made it big time and then sadly crashed and burned, you can see this in many great automotive brands.

more >

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A depth psychological study by concept m and Initiative Media analyses for the first time success factors for using smartwatches and VR in brand communication. more >

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Apps are steadily increasing their role in our lives – a concept m-initiative study on the potential for new beauty and wellness platforms shows great opportunities in the wellness and beauty sector as well. more >


Research with everyday authenticity

Exact research into everyday moments and the emotions and dynamics experienced in these is a key to understanding the psychological performance of brands and products.

The complexity of daily life and individual actions in it makes it difficult for consumers to recall their actual behaviour unprompted.

concept m’s ethnographic everyday research makes it possible to be closer and more accurate about consumer behaviour in daily life.

To get even closer to this research goal, concept m created the ResearchHome, a fully-equipped research facility where test subjects can use and try out brands and products in daily life with a relaxed sense of wellbeing, just as if they were at home.

More about the ResearchHome

Everyday life for consumers is increasingly digital. More and more, they communicate through social media – not only by phone and in direct conversation, as they used to. To be authentic, research into daily life accordingly needs to incorporate the new forms of online communication. concept m has developed a unique toolbox for this which specially adapts the online interview, qualitative panel and other techniques to our psychological research standards.

More about the online research tools

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Campus is concept m’s think tank. Here, you can get a picture of our international research workshop, orientation on trends and topics, an overview of our publications and case studies, and the latest corporate news.

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