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Psychological Research Agency
Strategic Think Tank

What we stand for

concept m combines in-depth psychological research, quantitative research and marketing consulting in an unique way.

Based on decades of industry know-how in interdisciplinary teams, we offer our clients customized project designs, which help you to manage your complex marketing tasks.

Our activities focus on national and international projects dealing with motivation insights, segmentations, brand management, communication, innovation and marketing – from ad-hoc studies to extensive strategic consulting.

In our projects we feel particularly committed to the following values: scientific aspirations, investigative curiosity, practical relevance actionable results. concept m is run by Rochus Winkler, Dirk Ziems and Thomas Ebenfeld. The company operates internationally in more than 40 countries and employs more than 50 research consultants worldwide.

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84 Brook Street
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Los Angeles

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5F, CBC International Building, No. 16 Young An Dong Li,
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+86 138 1163 1447

Global network with local researchers

We work in more than 40 countries with experienced local researchers who regularly employ our research approach. The local research teams guarantee high quality.

Intercultural approach

The local researchers are not only involved in the fieldwork but also in the analysis. This guarantees that the intercultural aspects of the research topics are fully considered.

Centralized project management of multi-country projects ensures systematic and consistent project management.

International references

We conduct international projects for mid-sized companies and large corporations, drawing on international experience in 10 different industries. Our share of international business is approximately 40%.

Management team

Dirk Ziems

Dirk Ziems

Managing Partner

  • Morphological market researcher since 1990
  • Up to 2008 managing director of ifm Wirkungen + Strategien, founding institute of morphological market psychology
  • Co-founder of ifm Australia in Melbourne (2005)
  • Founder of concept m (2008)
  • Numerous basic research projects and publications in the fields of method development, brand theory, media research, trade research and cultural psychology
  • Lectures and teaching assignments among other things at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, the Berlin School of Law and Economics, the International Film School Cologne and the Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen
  • Regular speaker at branch congresses and marketing conferences
Rochus Winkler

Rochus Winkler

Managing Partner

  • Study of business administration and psychology in Bonn/Cologn
  • Practising morphological market and media research as well as strategic consulting since 1999
  • Visit to Asia in 2005 in a consulting and research capacity
  • Managing partner since 2008 (year of foundation)
  • Lectureship at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences on “pharmaco-economics” among other subjects
  • Focus of work: national and international research in various industries, e.g. FMCG, food & beverages, services, media, telecommunications, energy, fashion, trade, healthcare, B2B, cultural psychological issues
  • Regular speaker at congresses and marketing conferences and visiting lecturer at universities
  • Basic research and numerous publications on market, media and cultural psychology in professional journals
Thomas Ebenfeld

Thomas Ebenfeld

Managing Partner

  • Qualified psychologist, academic studies in Psychology and Economics
  • Qualifications for analytical intensive counselling
  • Since 2011 qualification as psychological psychotherapist (depth psychology, WGI)
  • Graduate of the Academy of Market and Media Psychology in Cologne (KAMM)
  • Practising morphological market research and strategic consulting for over two decades.
  • Focuses of work: FMCG, media, healthcare, food & beverages, cultural psychological issues and international research
  • Numerous basic research projects and publications on market, media and cultural psychology


  • Founded in 2008 by the managing partners Dirk Ziems, Rochus Winkler and Thomas Ebenfeld
  • Emerged from ifm Wirkungen + Strategien, the founding company of the morphological approach
  • In 2010 set-up of the AlltagsStudio in Berlin – a totally novel research approach which is particularly close to everyday life and thus holds the prospect of gaining new understanding
  • Increasing internationalization
  • 2012: opening of the London International Office
  • 2015: opening of the Beijing Office
  • 2016: opening of the Los Angeles Office
  • Member of the market research associations BVM and ESOMAR



For more information please contact: bewerbung@conceptm.eu

For more information please contact: bewerbung@conceptm.eu


For more information please contact: bewerbung@conceptm.eu

For more information please contact: bewerbung@conceptm.eu



The campus is the think tank of concept m. You can have a look at our international research lab, gain orientation about trend themes and follow our publications, case studies and company news.

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