Relaunch of the AlltagsStudio in Berlin

Relocation from Central Berlin to Schöneberg – and with a developed concept

BERLIN, June 2018. Ten years ago, concept m opened the AlltagsStudio, daily routine research apartment used as innovative test studio for authentically everyday life market research. concept m has developed the concept and started the New AlltagsStudio: With a new address in Berlin Schöneberg, the market research of consumption and media usage can be realized on more than 200 square meters.

Thanks to the most modern technology and a great cookery studio, the new rooms offer a perfect environment in particular with regard to the themes “digital@home” and Food. The research takes place in realistically recreated living spaces, as before. The focus areas of the existing AlltagsStudio research – media usage, children and household will remain preserved.

With the New AlltagsStudio we have the possibilities to bring the ethnographic everyday research to a new level”, mentioned by Dirk Ziems, Managing Partner concept m and the person in charge concerning the new concept of the New AlltagsStudio.

To introduce the new AlltagsStudio, concept m invites the interested market research community for a test-viewing on 14th September 2018. For detailed information contact us via

Alltagsstudio concept m
Dirk Ziems concept m

For more information please contact:

Dirk Ziems
Managing Partner

Test-Viewing on 14th September 2018

For detailed information contact us via