concept m at the HORIZONT Regional Communication conference 2018

In this year’s catchphrase “Local Based Marketing – The conference for decision-makers at mid-sized sector” companies learn how to improve their local communication, to attract their customer’s attention and to expand their knowledge for using their marketing at its best.

“Psychological mentality research for regional marketing” was the presentation subject from Dirk Ziems, Managing Partner from concept m at the conference HORIZONT Regional Communication 2018 in Leipzig.

HORIZONT Regionale Kommunikation Konferenz 2018

“Thank you for the invitation to the HORIZONT Regional Communication 2018 in Leipzig.
My presentation was about the psychological mentality concept m research for regional marketing!

Great discussions and inspirations. It was a pleasure for me to participate in this inspiring event.”

Dirk Ziems concept m

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Dirk Ziems
Managing Partner