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Dirk Ziems

public sector is a unit of concept m research + consulting for psychological opinion and social research. We document social flows and their effects on everyday living conditions and moods.

Thanks to our deep roots in the lifeworlds and daily life of people, we deliver new perspectives on public and socially relevant challenges, for example on issues like healthy diet, media competence and demographic change.

Research topics

concept m public sector makes research competence proven in business available to associations and public institutions. Our expertise covers a range of public and political topics.

  • Acceptance research on concepts – to avoid expensive mistakes.
  • Analysis of acceptance problems for a project
  • Assessment and evaluation of current opinions and moods (e.g. to identify publicly relevant issues or the relevance of current scandals)
  • Identification and documentation of criteria which can help with prioritising measures and budgets
  • Analysis and profiling of ways to address specific target groups
  • Impact analysis of communication measures, advising on concepts, management and optimisation

Research methods

concept m public sector conducts social research which follows basic depth psychology assumptions and techniques. We document implicit perceptions, unconscious dynamics and coping mechanisms which determine popular opinion. Based on in-depth interviews and focus groups, we research the emotionally-coloured psychological transference relationships with “Daddy State”, and how these influence expectations of politicians and authorities. We combine our qualitative research with quantitative approaches to support our psychological findings with statistically representative numbers.

Our research covers the depth psychological relationships which decisively contribute to the rise and fall of political and social issues and the development of attitudes and everyday behaviour.

The starting point for our research is always the everyday experience of the man and woman in the street – a basis of understanding which can be used to evaluate the activities of politicians and administration.

Research competence

concept m public sector draws on:

  • experience in ten sectors which constitute a cross-section of virtually all socially relevant areas of life and support
  • a staff of 15 researchers and consultants, most of whom have decades of experience
  • qualitative-psychological research, followed by quantitative validation
  • special international competence from trend research and comparative cultural projects
  • comprehensive cooperation on projects with universities and academic experts (Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Berlin School of Economics and Law)
  • wide range of references in the public law sector: health insurance institutions, associations, savings banks, state media agencies, municipal service providers and utilities

Gruppendiskussion, Teamwork, Marktforschung

About concept m research and consulting

concept m advises companies and public corporations on the basis of research insights, and works with them to formulate solutions which advance their overall focus and operational marketing.

The company was formed in 2008 and is headed by its managing partners, Dirk Ziems, Thomas Ebenfeld and Rochus Winkler.

concept m is internationally active, with offices in Cologne, Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Beijing.

Dirk Ziems
Dirk Ziems ist Experte für tiefenpsychologisches Marketing und berät auf Basis von Markt-, Medien- und Kulturforschung weltweit Unternehmen und Konzerne in zahlreichen Branchen und Ländern. Als Mitbegründer der Global Research Boutique Concept M und der Marketingberatung Flying Elephant begleitet er Themen wie die Adaption von Erfolgsprodukten in neuen kulturellen Kontexten, das tiefe Verständnis neuer Konsumgenerationen in China und USA, die Transformation der Werbekommunikation in der neuen digitalen Medienwelt oder die Neuorientierung der Brands in Post-Corona-Zeiten. Dirk Ziems ist auch als Gastdozent an verschiedenen Universitäten tätig.

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