Dirk Ziems

Car Clinics are intense experiences where consumers deal with the vehicles directly and are given the opportunity to describe their perception. Successful organisation, depth-psychological moderation, and methodological analysis are decisive for the overall success of strategic and operative marketing.

As a morphological institute, concept m offers individual solutions, tailor-made to your needs:

Static Car Clinics

Inspection Car Clinics

Dynamic Car Clinics

Virtual Reality (VR) Clinics *

(*concept m’s VR research was nominated for the 2017 BVM Innovation Award)


We also use eye-tracking which allows us to integrate eye movements into our analyses.

We are a full-service institute. This means we will always make sure we find the perfect location for you no matter where in the world, and will provide the full market research service spectrum from recruitment to final report. We only work with highly qualified depth psychologists trained in morphological interviews. If you need specific competitor vehicles, car features or car equipment for your Car Clinic, we will deliver your individual solutions. With concept m, you will feel like a guest at your own event.


We take all your safety and quality standards into account and offer:

Finding, selecting and booking of locations: in trade fair and exhibition halls, film studios, hotels etc. (size, equipment corresponding to your wishes)

Provision of competitor vehicles according to specifications

Video and audio recordings of the interviews

Security staff


Participant handling

Recruitment, incentivisation, and moderation of the test subjects by moderators specialised in depth psychology

Observing participation, in-depth interviews, focus groups, questionnaires

Lighting and illumination of the car models


Required Technology
(planning, set-up, control)

Set-up of observation and interview rooms in halls


Hotel reservations for interviewees


Integrating eye-tracking/heat maps,
Virtual Reality, iPads

Simultaneous interpretation into all local languages

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Thomas Ebenfeld
Co-Founder and Shareholder


Rochus Winkler
Co-Founder and Shareholder


Dirk Ziems
Co-Founder and Shareholder

Dirk Ziems
Dirk Ziems ist Experte für tiefenpsychologisches Marketing und berät auf Basis von Markt-, Medien- und Kulturforschung weltweit Unternehmen und Konzerne in zahlreichen Branchen und Ländern. Als Mitbegründer der Global Research Boutique Concept M und der Marketingberatung Flying Elephant begleitet er Themen wie die Adaption von Erfolgsprodukten in neuen kulturellen Kontexten, das tiefe Verständnis neuer Konsumgenerationen in China und USA, die Transformation der Werbekommunikation in der neuen digitalen Medienwelt oder die Neuorientierung der Brands in Post-Corona-Zeiten. Dirk Ziems ist auch als Gastdozent an verschiedenen Universitäten tätig.

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