An online survey of 1,152 men and women showed major differences in how Adidas and Nike are perceived – other manufacturers play virtually no role.

Each age group has its own perception of which brand dominates the sports shoe market – and opinions also differ between men and women. This is the result of a study by the concept m (Cologne/Bonn) market research institute, which polled 1,152 men and women on this issue in an online survey.

Participants were asked which brand they saw as the leader in running/jogging shoes. Men tended to see Adidas as the leader, followed by Nike (46% to 35%). The opinion was exactly reversed among women, who saw Nike leading, followed by Adidas (also 46% to 35%, with a statistically significant difference).

There was also a difference between age groups, where the 18-30s ranked Nike first (55%), while the majority of consumers over 30 rated Adidas as the market leader in this segment. Other brands (Puma, Asics, Brooks, Under Armour) played a strictly subordinate role in the survey.

“The results of the survey show that there are still opportunities for optimisation in marketing the two major brands. Consumers distinguish between the brands on the basis of lifestyle orientation and authentic sporting spirit,” sums up Rochus Winkler, managing partner of concept m. The data was collected in cooperation with the portal.

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