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Animal welfare initiatives and ambivalent meat eaters

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At the “Green Week” in Berlin the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection presented […]

Snacking today – playground for nutritional conflicts

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Life is increasingly becoming “one continuous snack”. From the cereal bar for breakfast to dipping as a substitute for cooking in the evening – for every food company interested in launching attractive […]

Our best agers: who dares to grow old?

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Best agers are generally considered to be high spending, keen to consume and conscious of quality. They are 50 and older, are established in working and private life, but are still curious and like to make enterprising use of their newly acquired freedom once house or flat has been paid off and the children have left home. At any rate, that’s how this target group is commonly described – but is this really true? […]

“Der General” steps down – housework in flux

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Managing a home used to be a prestigious activity. The person responsible for this, usually the housewife, basked in the glory of successfully cleaned laundry and home. The communication of brands corresponded to the standing of the task.
For instance, the cleaning product “Der General” gave the housewife the feeling of leading a crusade against dirt in the home. […]

Blogwalk.de and the new rules for inspirational fashion marketing

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In the search for authenticity and individuality, fashion is an important means of expressing “one’s own personality”.To stand out from the mainstream of standard fashion trends and fashion providers, fashion bloggers have been all the rage since the 2010s.The fashion bloggers are mostly women who individually report, post or upload haul videos about fashion, beauty and lifestyle (travel and food) on their own homepages and in the social media. […]

Fashion: trends and reasons for the success of e-commerce

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E-shops have developed into the most important sales channel for fashion alongside classic brick & mortar stores. For women up to their mid-40s it is common practice nowadays to check what is being offered online. Mainstream brands like Zalando, OTTO and H&M are more up-to-date, authentic and often lower priced than the other retail channels. […]