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To the hairdresser by app? – concept m study on wellness service portals

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Apps are steadily increasing their role in our lives – a concept m-initiative study on the […]

Social Media Scan and Qual Social Listening: tracking subconscious market trends

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The relevance of the social media is growing steadily. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or personal […]

Agency-Initiated Study: New Pharmacy Landscape


concept m is conducting a study on the changing pharmacy landscape in cooperation with the agency HAVAS. The pharmacy landscape is in flux. Pharmacies are facing numerous changes: globalisation, liberalisation, demographic change and epidemiological transition of patients are just a few of the buzzwords governing this process. […]

Psychological pharmaceutical research on treatment cultures


Market analyses on pharmaceutical products, based on in-depth psychology, continue to be of prime importance even in times of “big” or “smart” data. After all, drug prescription and usage is influenced not only by conscious but also by unconscious emotional mechanisms and mental images, […]

Multi-client study: quantitative segmentation of nutrition styles

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concept m in cooperation with the agency KloseDetering is investigating current […]

Multi-client study: relevance check of content marketing


concept m in cooperation with Initiative Media is investigating the relevance and rules for success of content marketing today.

Opinions about content marketing differ widely. For some, content marketing is the last beacon of customer targeting in a glut of media channels and advertising messages. […]

Psychological car clinics: testing ground for the emotional impact of design


Of course cars are means of transport but, in addition, they have a psychological function comparable to personal clothing. They are a fashion statement in everyday life – without the drivers always being aware of this. Our psychological car clinic research – recently further developed in cooperation with Johnson Controls International – identifies where the emotional impact of design can be optimized to support engineers and designers in the automotive industry. […]

5-Year Anniversary of the ResearchHome

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The path taken by concept m in 2011 was new and good, as the past five years have shown. By establishing the ResearchHome we set the standards in market research based on everyday life.
The fully furnished research home in the centre of Berlin allows us to observe consumer behaviour in an authentic environment. The ResearchHome has satisfied the long-standing demand for a more biotic design of research and inspired many researchers to take new approaches. […]

The image of the pharmaceutical industry from a consumer perspective

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The image of the pharmaceutical industry is primarily determined by the media for a large part of the population. The media often supply their readers, viewers and listeners with stereotyped, exaggerated accounts. Headlines like “pharmaceutical industry: ‘comes right after drug dealers in reputation’” (Focus online) evidently coincide with the consumers’ expectations. […]

Our best agers: who dares to grow old?

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Best agers are generally considered to be high spending, keen to consume and conscious of quality. They are 50 and older, are established in working and private life, but are still curious and like to make enterprising use of their newly acquired freedom once house or flat has been paid off and the children have left home. At any rate, that’s how this target group is commonly described – but is this really true? […]