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concept m global – welcome to the middle east!

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Concept m has recently added the middle east region to its growing global expertise and depth […]

Initiative study for consumer Generation Y in China

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The new style of consumption in China is dominated by the Chinese Generation Y, consumers born between 1980 and 1990.

In an initiative study on the “Generation of opportunities”, concept m identified the very specific psychogram of this generation of consumers, torn between tradition and Western ways. […]

Advertising in China – what is allowed and what isn’t

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The trust in brands and products has been a big consumer issue in China since time immemorial. Over the years, the research of concept m has repeatedly confirmed this. The creation of trust is also the thinking behind the new national regulations for advertising which apply to all companies selling products or services in China. Here is an overview of what is allowed – and what isn’t: […]

Brand positioning in China with the Zodiac archetypes

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Brands are not present in China like they are in the West; the world of western consumption with its diversity and its magnificent brands only started to enter China around 15 years ago. As the providers are unable to draw on a long tradition like they can in Europe or the United States, they are basically understood differently by Chinese consumers and seen in a different context. […]