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concept m global – welcome to the middle east!

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Concept m has recently added the middle east region to its growing global expertise and depth […]

Opel – the eternal Cinderella

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Great brands are always great characters as well. Just as you might have a distant uncle […]

Things are busy on the eastern front– why e-commerce is developing so fast in China

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We shop online primarily on familiar platforms like Amazon or eBay. But what path will online […]

Rimowa and Louis Vuitton: the suitcase as statement

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The economy is booming but the political situation is found insecure and unstable – this tension is currently reflected in the motives for using suitcases and bags: they convey the stability of successful, […]

Digital intoxication and digital detox: where is the gigabit society going?

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The gigabit society is shaped by data. But what does that do to us? Three questions put to the market researchers Thomas Ebenfeld and Dr. Klaus Schulte from concept m: […]

From best ager to restless ager

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The attitude to life of best agers today is often governed by restlessness. But people who deny aging miss the chance to enjoy age-appropriate happiness. This results in new opportunities to target older […]

Depth psychology in numbers – the advantages of integrated qual-quant research

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It is long since psychological research, intended to decode the unconscious drivers, has just been limited […]

Morphology in dialogue – AfM’s 43rd annual conference

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As a leading research institute and strategic think tank, concept m is in lively dialogue with the academic world, and the managing partners are popular guest lecturers and speakers at universities. To expand the dialogue between practical application of morphological market psychology and marketing theory, […]

Case Study Content Marketing

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An insurance company wants to find new ways to contact customers and also decide which concepts […]

Multi-client study: quantitative segmentation of nutrition styles

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concept m in cooperation with the agency KloseDetering is investigating current […]